The Story

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming landing on Neoselas, a moment we have been working towards since 2015. The discovery of Neoselas has opened up a new future for us, the possibility of new life, new technology, and even a new home. We estimate that the trip will take five days, with the landing taking place on May 1st, 2020. While the journey will be well documented on various news sources, we hope that you will also follow along here, with our up-to-date newsfeed which will include images that come directly from the spacecraft. This website will allow you to follow along with the four brave men and women who are leading this journey.

The creation of this moon was a difficult and tragic day for individuals all over the world, but this mission has emerged from that darkness, a beacon of light and strength for our citizens and for humanity at large. The event of it’s creation was unexpected, but we are facing this new reality with the same adventurous spirit we have harnessed during earlier space exploration, and in centuries of exploration here on earth before. Our earth now has two moons, but rather then this being a moment of darkness, it is now a moment of hope.

You can support the mission by going to our orders page. For your generous contribution to our cause, you will receive a small case of moon dust collected by the brave men and women who are completing this journey for us. This mission has been funded by countries and individuals all over the world, and by contributing here you too can be involved.